Top 8 Funny Custom Wall Calendars 2014 - Cartoon, Humor, Comics, Caricatures

Artistic, funny, and unique handpicked calendars

Won't it be great to have a truly unique calendar, at your office or at home, in 2014.
Wouldn't you love to have a genuinely funny calendar on your wall. I present to you a handpicked collection of calendars designed by some of the most talented humorists. 
Calendars are a great way to showcase your individuality, your love, your passions - and funny calendars are great to showcase your brand of humor.

2014 Funny Retro Housewife Calendar

1. 2014 Funny Retro Housewife Calendar A fun calendar, featuring 12 months of funny, retro housewife phrases and sayings.

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Sluggo on the Street 2014 Chalk Art Calendar

2. Sluggo on the Street

A refreshingly different, fun, creative, cool calendar, featuring a collection of street art / chalk art by David Zinn.
Features Sluggo, flying pigs, tentative dragons, and much more!

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Sarcastic Remarks of Catty Kitten 2014 Humor Wall Calendar

3. Sarcastic Remarks of Catty Kitten

A funny, witty calendar, featuring sarcastic, clever, cutting remarks by a catty kitten, on each page.

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Yours Truly, 2014 Diane Duda Calendar

4. Yours Truly

A beautiful, cute, lovely calendar, featuring wonderful, heart-warming artwork by Diane Duda.

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Funny, Cute, Anne Made 2014 Calendar

5. Anne Made Calendar

A cute, funny calendar, featuring adorable drawings of dogs and cats, by Anne Made.

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A Day in the Life... Office Humor Cartoons Calendar

6. A Day in the Life...

An hilariously funny calendar, featuring cartoons on office humor, depicting the funny side of office politics. Help manage your work stress with these offbeat peeks at life in the cubicle.

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7. More Cats

A cute and funny, cats calendar, featuring drawings, paintings, and original hand-drawn digital art images of cats with colour and personality, by Doug Rogers.

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8. Bah Humpug

An absolutely adorable, cute & funny calendar, featuring sketches of two pugs, Sunny and Rosy.

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Customize them for FREE

Yes these are all completely customizable calendars!
You may add your initials, your company logo, your own text, message, slogan, greetings, or quotes to each month's page or to the front/back cover of these calendars - at no extra cost.

Purchase a calendar for year round happiness 

A calendar is something you buy, only once in a year. 
And its one thing that stays with you, visible to you, every single day of the year.
Having a wonderful calendar around, brightens up the day.
I wish you a bright, wonderful, happy, prosperous 2014 :-)

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