Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of November 2013

The Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts, Nov. 2013

iSmiledYou was launched on 10th Nov. 2013.
Here are the top 10 blog posts of iSmiledYou, most visited, shared, loved by you, during its first month on the world wide web!

1. Top 8 Funny Custom Wall Calendars 2014 - Cartoon, Humor, Comics, Caricatures
2. Best Top 8 Funny Santa Christmas Cards
3. I'm a Secondhand Vegetarian | Funny T-shirt
4. Thanksgiving Day Blues | Funny Card for Cooks and Chefs
5. Mammoth Gifts Browsing List for Men on Amazon
6. I'd like mornings better | Funny Garfield Coffee Mug
7. Top 8 Funny Looney Tunes Gifts | Hilarious, Vintage, Nostalgic
8. Top Bestsellers Gifts List for Women - a List like No Other
9. Eureka I've made a discovery | Funny Quote | World Science Day
10. Funny Baby Llama Close-up Portrait | Photo Poster

In this first month, 21 days of being live, there were a total of 544 visits to iSmiledYou, 385 of these were unique visitors, and the total number of pageviews was 1,421.

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