8 More Handpicked Funny Wall Calendars for 2014

Funny Customizable Wall Calendars 2014

What d'ya mean 8 more? Well I came out with the first list Top 8 Funny Custom Wall Calendars 2014.
I now present to you 8 more handpicked funny calendars, for you to have good, quality, humor around you, throughout the year :-)

2014 Funny Bluntcard Calendar

1. 2014 Funny Bluntcard Calendar A fun calendar, featuring 12 months of retro images with blunt, but funny, dialogues and phrases.

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Cat Definitions of Words - Funny 2014 Calendar

2. Cat Definitions of Words

A funny calendar for all the cat owners and cat lovers. Featuring cute, colorful drawings of cats accompanying humorous interpretation of words starting with the letters "cat" :-)

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Boogie On Scooters - 2014 Funny Wall Calendar

3. Boogie On Scooters

A fun calendar, featuring drawings, sketches of Boogie - the boston terrier, on a selection of vintage scooters.

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Cool Animals 2014 Calendar

4. Cool Animals

A funny calendar, featuring cartoons of cool creatures, animals, beings, on each page.

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2014 Hilarious Hunting Cartoons Calendar
5. Hilarious Hunting Cartoons Calendar
Whether you hang it in your kitchen, garage, workroom or man cave, this colorful calendar featuring 13 original hunting cartoons will have you laughing throughout the year :-)

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Midge Comics 2014 Calendar

6. Midge Comics 2014 Calendar

A hilarious, funny calendar, featuring Midge comic in full color! Laugh all through the year with Midge :-)

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Happy Labradors Calendar 2014

7. Happy Labradors Calendar 2014

A cute, funny, dogs calendar for dog lovers and owners, featuring funny, adorable, whimsical paintings of Labrador Retriever dogs or Labs having a great time inside and outside the home.

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Mysterious Questions of The Baffled Bear - 2014 Humor Wall Calendar
8. Mysterious Questions of The Baffled Bear
A funny, humorous calendar, featuring questions by a baffled bear. Do you often find yourself pondering the mysteries of the universe? So does The Baffled Bear. And in order to solve those mysteries, he asks 'the' questions :-)
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You may add additional text and photos to them!

Apart from being funny, these are also completely customizable calendars!
You may add your initials, message, thoughts, greetings, quotes, your company logo, pictures, graphics, artwork, to each month or to the front cover of these calendars - at no extra cost.

Cool Customization Tip for You

The above calendars don't have to be from Jan to Dec.
If lets say you are ordering one of these calendars in March, change their start month to March. Your calendar will then be from March to Feb of next year!

Brighten up your days with year round humor 

These are great calendars to have around you, at your home, office, your room, workspace, office cubicle, kitchen, garage, man-cave.
A wonderful calendar around, brightens up the day.

I wish you a bright, wonderful, happy, new year 2014 :-)

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