Interesting Finds - Chili, Miss Universe, US Army, Thor, Jay Larson

Interesting Finds from the Web

Food - Our Favorite Chili Recipes Nothing warms the body and soul like a hearty bowl of chili. 32 Best Chili Recipes rated tops by reviewers.

In the NewsVenezuelan Crowned Miss Universe 2013 25-year-old Gabriela Isler, a TV host on Venezuela’s Venevision, becomes seventh contestant to win the crown for the nation.

U.S. ArmyLead or Die: Afghanistan One Marine officer concluded that the U.S. way of advising the Afghan National Army was hurting more than helping. So he came up with his own solution and changed the course of the conflict.

Funny Finds: Cool Links to Humor from around the Web

Cartoon StatisticsWho wants to see "Thor: The Dark World" Thorough statistics by the MAD Magazine's Thor Losers Dept.

Funny Stand Up RoutineJay Larson: Wrong Number Jay Larson is the best impostor businessman on the planet.

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