Interesting Finds - Steve Jobs, Amy Robach, Turkey, Email, Moto X

Interesting Finds from the Web

Steve Jobs - Here's What Happened When 17 Ordinary People Met Steve Jobs Curated from, people tell stories of the times they "randomly" met Steve Jobs.

In the NewsABC's Amy Robach discovers cancer after on-air mammogram Getting a mammogram live on "Good Morning America" for cancer awareness month revealed to ABC's Amy Robach that she had breast cancer.

Cooking - How to Roast a Turkey Natural vs. organic? To brine, or not to brine? The complete guide to roasting the perfect bird

Funny Finds: Cool Links to Humor from around the Web

Funny e-mail conversationGlorious Master Translator A hilarious to and fro on email by a person needing someone who speaks Japanese, to help him translate something.

Funny AdMoto X "Lazy Phone" Ad : Quick Capture Never trust your lazy phone to capture the moment. With Moto X, you can take photos with two twists of your wrist.

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