Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of April 2014

The Top 10 Most Popular iSmiledYou Blog Posts, April 2014

Here are iSmiledYou's top 10 blog posts - most visited, liked, shared by you - in April 2014.
1. Best Top 8 Fun April Fools Day Prank Toys
2. Top 8 Self-help Books on Being Happy this year!
3. Pilates? No! Nope! Nuh Uh! | Funny Coffee Mug
4. Top 8 Fun Wild Unique Wedding Invitations
5. I'm a Secondhand Vegetarian | Funny T-shirt
6. iSmiledYou Funny Gifts Index
7. iSmiledYou Lists
8. I Love Math | The Grumpy Cat | Funny Poster
9. Under New Management... Just Married | Funny Tee
10. Adorable Bunny on the Lawn | Cute Photo Card

There were a total of 1,294 visits to iSmiledYou in April, of these 1,096 were unique visitors, and the total number of pageviews was 2,001.

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