A Silkie Bantam Chicken | Cute Photo Poster

A Silkie Bantam Chicken | Cute Photo Poster
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Cutie pie, fluffy, silky bantam chicken, modelling for a photo

A cute, custom photo poster, featuring an adorable, fluffy, cutie pie, silkie bantam chicken, posing for a photo portrait. Silkie (or Silky) is a chicken breed named for its fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk. Silkies also have some other unusual features, such as black bones and skin, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot, instead of the normal four.
A wonderful National Geographic photograph taken by Joel Sartore at The Sunset Zoo, Kansas. Makes a great poster for room, home, office decor for animal lovers, veterinarians, children, grandkids, family and friends.

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Top 20 Best Funny Gifts for Women / Her

Handpicked, funny gifts, for the special women in your life

I present to you a handpicked collection of funny, hilarious, custom gifts, showcased here on iSmiledYou blog in the past 3 years. These 20 gifts cater to a wide range of interests, right from cooking, pets, knitting, to Star Wars, and travelling. These are awesome gifts, perfect for your wife, girlfriend, mom, grandma, sister... the special women in your life.

You Had Me At Woof | Funny Dog Lovers T-Shirt

1. You Had Me At Woof | Funny Dog Lovers T-Shirt

Funny, humorous, fun t-shirt, perfect for the women who are in love with their dogs, are owners of cute puppies, or are dog people.
Well Done Mom | Funny Tea Coffee Mug

2. Well Done Mom | Funny Tea Coffee Mug

A thoughtful, lovely mug for mom - in terms of sensitivity, admiration, adoration, this mug is unbeatable, Yesss Sirrr. A funny, hilarious mug, makes a fun gift for mom for mothers day, birthday, christmas, holidays.

Just To Let You Know | Funny Missing You Card

Just To Let You Know | Funny Missing You Card
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"Just to let you know, I am missing you.."

A sweet, funny, humorous, custom, personalized, awesome, big giant huge jumbo size "missing you" card, that you may personalize with your own message / note / greeting inside.
A sweet "missing you" card for the special someone, for your boyfriend, husband, life partner, couples in a long distance relationship, men and women in uniform posted away from the family, and more.
The jumbo size makes it a great way to say "I love you" and "I miss you", on birthday, anniversary, christmas, holidays, valentine's day, and more.

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As The Ears Fly By | Funny Basset Photo Canvas

As The Ears Fly By | Funny Basset Photo Canvas
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A basset hound, blinded by his ears flying in the wind..

A funny, cute, hilarious, custom wrapped canvas print, featuring a basset hound sitting with his ears, flying in one direction in the wind from a table fan, covering his eyes, while he appears confounded, even seems to be enjoying the experience.
An awesome, fun, photo by Ingo Boddenberg, to bring a touch of humor to your walls, and to your living and work spaces. A fun canvas print for your den, living room, home, and office.
Makes a great gift for dog lovers, pet owners, animal lovers, basset hound owners, for birthday, holidays, christmas, and more.

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When in Doubt Have a Beer | Funny Bottle Opener

When in Doubt Have Beer | Funny Bottle Opener
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Fun bottle opener, for the beer lovers of the world

A funny, cool, fun orange color, custom, stainless steel professional speed bartender bottle opener, featuring pearls of wisdom, awesome advice / quote, for when a beer lover is in doubt.
A fun bottle opener for lovers of beer - lager, ale, stout, draught, craft, and more. Makes a great fun gift for friends and family, for birthday, christmas, holidays, or any regular day.

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