Top 20 Funny Coffee Mugs for Men and Women

Fun gift for birthday, christmas, graduation, and more

I present to you 20 handpicked, funny, hilarious, custom tea / coffee / cocoa / milk mugs, which have great humor on them.
These are custom mugs - you can change their style and choose from over 7 different styles, even more colors, and two sizes.
They are great to start a day with, and make great gifts for birthday, graduation, valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, christmas, holidays, anniversary, and more..

Happy Married Life Wisdom Funny Wife Quote Coffee Mug

1. Happy Married Life Wisdom Funny Wife Quote Coffee Mug

A hilarious, funny coffee mug featuring time honored wisdom / words / quote for married men. Makes a fun gift for birthday, anniversary or any regular day, for your boyfriend, husband, and for anyone in your family or friend circle you want to rescue in time.
Funny Graduation Quote Smart Graduate Humor Two-Tone Coffee Mug

2. Funny Graduation Quote Smart Graduate Humor Two-Tone Coffee Mug

Funny, humorous tea / coffee / cocoa mug for fresh graduates. A fun mug for all the smart kids, boys, girls, son, daughter, graduating from middle or high school, college, university. Makes a great gift for graduation day, for grads of all ages.

Golden Retriever All Tangled Up | Cute Photo Postcard

Holiday Helper Golden Retriever Tangled Up | Cute Postcard
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The cute holiday helper all tangled up..

A funny, hilarious, cute, custom postcard, featuring a cute holiday helper Golden Retriever, all hopelessly tangled and wrapped up in lights, looking forlornly into the camera.
A cute, fun postcard for dog lovers, pet owners, animal lovers, golden retriever owners, for christmas, holidays, new years, and more.

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Be Naughty | Funny Santa Joke Christmas Holiday Card

Be Naughty | Funny Santa Joke Christmas Holiday Card
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"be naughty, save Santa the trip"

A funny, humorous, fun, custom, personalized, christmas holiday card, with great advice / pearls of wisdom, on saving Santa the trip.
The season's greetings, message, and names on the inside of the card can all be personalized, made your own.
This is a fun Santa card to send to kids, and to ones friends & family.
A great fun card for your christmas mailings this holiday season.

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Problem About Being a Programmer | Funny Joke Card

Problem About Being a Programmer | Funny Joke Card
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A son (a software programmer) and a grocery list

Funny, custom, personalized, send a smile card, featuring a hilarious joke about a young, innocent, do-gooder son, who happens to be a software programmer and his exasperated, incredulous, perplexed, aghast mom.
A fun, humorous card for all the IT / robotics / hardware / software programmer / engineer out there. Great card for birthday, graduation, christmas, holidays, and more for your friends, loved ones, son, brother, boyfriend, husband... the programmer in your life.

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A Silkie Bantam Chicken | Cute Photo Poster

A Silkie Bantam Chicken | Cute Photo Poster
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Cutie pie, fluffy, silky bantam chicken, modelling for a photo

A cute, custom photo poster, featuring an adorable, fluffy, cutie pie, silkie bantam chicken, posing for a photo portrait. Silkie (or Silky) is a chicken breed named for its fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk. Silkies also have some other unusual features, such as black bones and skin, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot, instead of the normal four.
A wonderful National Geographic photograph taken by Joel Sartore at The Sunset Zoo, Kansas. Makes a great poster for room, home, office decor for animal lovers, veterinarians, children, grandkids, family and friends.

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