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Each time a visitor clicks on your referral link and buys any product from iSmiledYou's Zazzle store or buys any product from Zazzle, you can earn a 15% referral fee on that sale.

It’s free! Here's how to get started.
1) Create an account on Zazzle.
2) Visit the associates section and get your referral ID.
3) Start earning money each time someone clicks on a link with your referral ID and makes a purchase. It’s that easy!

Program Details

Minimum Referral Payment : 15% per sale
Volume Bonus : Up to 17% per sale
Cookie Length : 45 days
Minimum Payout : $50
Payment Methods : Check or PayPal

Visit Zazzle Associates page to know more about Zazzle's associate program, and building referral links.

Hundreds of fun products for everyone, and for all occasions

T-shirts, mugs, tank tops, baby creepers, cards, invitations, keychains, bumperstickers, businesscards, and more - there are hundreds of funny products in the iSmiledYou store, with more being added every day.
There are funny gifts for men, women and kids, for birthdays, christmas, holidays, graduation, anniversary, wedding, valentine's day, and more.

Add humor to your social profiles and earn affiliate income

The funny products from iSmiledYou store are great to add a touch of humor to your blog posts, web page, Pinterest boards, Twitter account, Google+ posts, Facebook wall, YouTube videos, and more. And you earn minimum 15% per sale, from any sales through your referral link.

Here's an examples of a iSmiledYou blog post to illustrate this
Police Rock Paper Scissors | Send a Smile Postcard

Here's an example of a funny tweet you could send

Become a Zazzle associate. Share iSmiledYou's funny products on your site, blog, social profiles, share a laugh, and earn affiliate income from any sales through your referral link.

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