Best Top 8 Funny Santa Christmas Cards

Funny, hilarious Santa Claus cards

A handpicked collection of the funniest, cutest, hilarious Santa Claus cards, to spread some smiles this Christmas. Fun cards to send to friends & family, they feature some of the best cartoons and humor starring Santa.
Enjoy and do share this blog post with friends & family.

Send a smile along with the seasons greetings, this christmas

Cute Lil Santa with a Gift - Funny Christmas Card

1. Cute Lil Santa

An absolutely adorable Christmas card, featuring a cute lil Santa holding a present.

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Santa’s Construction Sled - I know you've got friend in construction, Santa, but we need to talk about this! - Funny Christmas Card

2. Santa’s Construction Sled

A funny christmas card, on Santa and his friends in construction :-)

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4 Stages Of Christmas - Believing in Santa, Not believing in Santa, Being Santa, Looking like Santa - Humor Holiday Card

3. 4 Stages Of Christmas

A funny, humorous christmas card, on four stages of life & christmas :-)

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Santa Up a Ladder - Funny Christmas Greeting Card

4. Santa Up a Ladder

A funny Christmas card, showcasing hilarious vintage humor - a caricature of Santa up a ladder with the dog growling below

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Our lawyer surely knows how to negotiate a contract! - Funny Christmas Card

5. Our Lawyer Surely Knows

A funny Christmas card, showing Santa pulling the sleigh with the reindeers riding :-)

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Flying Santa, Beautiful Reindeer - Funny Christmas Card

6. Flying Santa, Beautiful Reindeer

An hilarious, funny Christmas card, with Santa flying and a beautiful reindeer walking :-)

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A Child Bribes Santa - Funny Christmas Card

7. A Child Bribes Santa

An hilarious, funny Christmas card, involving a kid, a bike, bribe, poison, antidote, and poor Santa.

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For details go to my page on Facebook - Hilarious, Funny Christmas Card

8. Facebook Christmas List

A funny Christmas card, of Santa with a kid on his lap, and Facebook :-)

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Wish you a Merry Christmas

May Santa grant you all your wishes!
From all of us here at iSmiledYou, wish you a merry Christmas and an awesome, happy new year!

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P.S. All of the above cards are customizable. You may add your greetings, message, text, to the inside of the cards at no extra charge.

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