A Colorado Chipmunk with Mouthful of Peanuts | Funny Post Card

Chipmunk with a mouth full :-) 

This chipmunk is here posing for the photograph, with his mouth full of peanuts. Photographed by Denise Garcia, in Colorado. This is what Denise had to say "I'm constantly amazed by the amount of peanuts these little guys can get in their mouths! I can watch them for hours."

How many nuts can a chipmunk hold in its mouth

Some say a chipmunk can fit six big walnuts in it's mouth, some pet owners I know tell me they have seen a chipmunk pack in 31 peanuts without shells, and others say a chipmunk can fit up to 34 beechnuts, each about half an inch in length, in its cheeks at one time.
So yeah the average is like, 30 nuts at a time!! :-)

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