Best Top 8 Funny Christmas Party Invitations

Fun Christmas party invitations handpicked for you

A handpicked collection of the funniest invitations for your Christmas party this year! Great for kids Xmas party, adults Christmas party, cocktail party, office Christmas party or any fun holiday event.
These are one-of-a-kind, fun invitations to set the mood of the party!

Poultry Farm Santa Chicken - Christmas Party Invite

1. Santa Chicken

A funny Christmas party invite, featuring a chicken who wants to buck around the cluck... yep thats chicken for rock around the clock..

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What happens at the office christmas party stays at the office christmas party - Funny Office Christmas Party Invitation

2. Office Christmas Party

What happens at the office christmas party stays at the office christmas party :-)

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Don We Now Our Red Apparel - Fun Christmas Party Invitation

3. Don we now our Red

A fun Christmas party invitation to have your friends and family wear a little red :-)

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Let's PARTY til the COWS come home! - Funny Christmas Party Personalized Announcements

4. Party till the Cows

A funny Christmas party invitation featuring a cow in a santa hat :-)

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It’s Jingle Bell Time - A Fun Retro 1950s Style Christmas Party Invitation

5. Jingle Bell Time

A fun, retro, 1950s style Christmas party invitation, featuring a cute jitterbug couple. Great for music lovers and swing dancers!

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A funny, whimsical holiday cocktail party invitation featuring Santa dreaming of a frosty mug of beer :-)

6. A Cocktail Party

Funny, whimsical holiday cocktail party invitation, featuring Santa dreaming of a frosty mug of beer :-)

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Best think twice before missing this Holiday Party - Funny, Retro Christmas Party Invite

7. Think Twice Before Missing

Funny, retro holiday party invitation with the text at the bottom "What you do here - What you hear here - What you see here - Let it stay here" :-)

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The weather is cold, The cider is hot, Join us for a Christmas party, If you're naughty or not! - Fun, Retro Christmas Party Invitation

8. Naughty or Not

A fun, retro Christmas party invitation for the naughty or nice friends :-)

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Completely customizable party invitations

Customize them with your party, venue, and contact details, before ordering.
If you so desire, you may also change the paper type, size, & style of these invitations.
Each invitation comes with its own envelope.
These invitations take 24 hrs. to manufacture, and you get automatic volume discount on an order of 25 or more invitations.

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