8 More Handpicked Funny Valentine's Day Cards

Cute, Funny, Valentine's Day Cards

A cool, handpicked collection of funny, cute, humorous Valentine's Day cards! They are truly unique!
Don't waste this collection! Make use of it, or Share it with the needy! :-)

Say it with humor this Valentine's!

How I Really Feel - Funny Valentine's Day Card

1. How I Really Feel

An uncertain cat can't quite express those Valentine's Day feelings.
A hilarious, funny valentine's day card :-)

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I'm a Good Egg - Vintage Funny Valentine's Day Card

2. I'm a Good Egg

A cute, vintage, retro, funny valentine's day card - "Maybe I'm just a small fry, but I'm a good egg with a heart of gold" :-)

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I Naturally Select You - Funny Charles Darwin Valentine's Day Card

3. I Naturally Select You

...to be my Valentine - A funny, humorous, Charles Darwin valentine's day card :-)

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Valentine Dachshunds - Cute Valentine's Day Card

4. Valentine Dachshunds

A cute, funny valentine's day card featuring two Dachshunds, with tails wagging, rubbing noses as hearts explode around them :-)

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I Moost Know... - Funny Valentine's Day Card

5. I Moost Know...

A funny, cute valentine's day card featuring a wacky moose character! Who can resist those cute, inquisitive eyes and those out of control antlers... :-)

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Hello, Hottie! - Fun Valentine's Day Card

6. Hello, Hottie!

A fun, spicy valentine's day card for the hot, hot, hottie :-)

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It had to be Moo - Funny Valentine's Day Card

7. It had to be Moo

A funny, cute, soulful valentine's day card, featuring a cow crooning the classic song, "It Had to Be Moo" :-)

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The Eye Chart - Funny Valentine's Day Card

8. The Eye Chart

A unique, funny valentine's day card, designed as an eye chart, featuring the text "I love you more than Beer" :-)

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Go ahead, Spread a smile, this Valentine's

I've personally selected these cards for you - funny, cute, humorous, tasteful. Now all you gotta do is, yep, go ahead and pop the question,... do it.

P.S. All of the above cards are customizable. You may add your message, text to the inside (and the outside) of the cards, at no extra charge. Yep, these cards will be printed, just for you!

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