Best Top 8 Funny Anti-Valentine's Day Cards

Funny, hilarious Anti-Valentine's Day cards

A handpicked collection of the funniest, hilarious, humorous anti-valentine's day cards!
Go ahead show how you feel about the whole Valentine's Day thingy :-)
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Let it all out, speak your mind - on your favorite day of all - Valentine's Day :-)

Shakespeare Thinks Valentine's Day... - Funny Card

1. Shakespeare Thinks Valentine's Day...

"Methinks Valentine's Day Doth Sucketh."
A hilarious anti-valentine's day card, featuring cartoon version of the bard getting ready to pen an anti V-day sonnet :-)

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Pleeeze Forget Valetines Day - Funny Anti-Valentine's Day Card
2. Pleeeze Forget Valetines Day
"Cards waste trees, Flowers make me sneeze, Lines for dinner ain't where it's at, And candy makes me fat! Pleeeze Forget Valetines Day"
A practical, delectable plea / poem on anti-valentine's day

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Straight for the Box of Chocolates - Funny Anti-Valentine's Day Card
3. Straight for the Box of Chocolates
"This year I'm making Valentine's Day more Efficient... I'm skipping the man and going Straight for the Box of Chocolates!!!"
A funny, humorous card, on a straight, direct, no-nonsense approach to Valentine's Day

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Why Was Cupid Chosen? - Funny Anti-Valentine's Day Card
4. Why Was Cupid Chosen?
"Why Was Cupid chosen to represent Valentine's Day? When I think about Romance, the Last Thing on my mind is a Short, Fat Toddler coming at me with a Weapon!" :-)
An hilarious, funny anti-valentine's day card, on the whole cupid and bow and arrow thingy :-)

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Love You Honey But... - Funny Anti-Valentine's Day Card
5. Love You Honey But...
"I love you honey but sometimes... I want to break your neck."
A funny anti-valentine's day card, featuring a vintage illustration of a newlywed couple hugging and snuggling, with the wife about to whisper little something to her sweetheart :-)

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Nothing Says I Love You... - Funny Anti-Valentine's Day Card

6. Nothing Says I Love You...

"Nothing says I Love You like some Dead Vegetation"
A funny anti-valentine's day card on the whole gifting of flowers to show the love :-)

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Evol is Love... - Funny Anti-Valentine's Day Card

7. Evol is Love...

EVOL is LOVE spelled backwards.
Thats no coincidence :-)
A funny anti-valentine's day card :-)

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Valentine Shmalintine - Funny Anti-Valentine's Day Card

8. Valentine Shmalintine

"Valentine, Shmalintine, Just give me the Chocolate"
A funny, hilarious anti-valentine's day card on you, your Valentine, and chocolate :-)

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Show the funny side of Anti-Valentine!

Be humorous when being anti-valentine, and you'll put across your point just fine!
I've personally selected the best cards for you - to express your views, sentiments, with a smile :-)

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