A smiling Meerkat saying 'Hi' | Cute Photo Postcard

A smiling Meerkat saying 'Hi' | Cute Photo Postcard
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A smiling Meerkat with a toothpick.. naah.. its a..

A Meerkat looking straight into the camera and smiling, as if posing for the camera and saying 'Hi'; with an insect toothpick.. I mean insect remains dangling from his lips, a la Sylvester Stallone and the toothpick from the movie 'Cobra'.
Meerkats dig up bugs with their long claws.
A cute National Geographic photo taken by Mattias Klum in Kalahari Desert, South Africa. Featured here on a custom photo postcard.
Makes a great mail to kids and grandkids.
Raises kids' awareness of earth's wildlife, and their familiarity & knowledge of its animal species.

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