Advantages of Going Bald | Funny Poster

Advantages of Going Bald | Funny Poster
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Fun advantages of losing your hair..

..and you thought going bald was a bad, sad thing.. rethink.
A funny, humorous poster revealing the absolutely marvellous, genuine advantages of being bald. Proving without a doubt - bald is hygienic, bald is young, bald is cheap. Yes sir.
An awesome poster for all your bald friends, the baldies in the family, the baldheaded colleagues in your place of work. Also works great as an encouragement/reassurance/incentive for those who are struggling with hair-fall, or have a bald patch which is on the way to being a full moon.
A completely customizable poster, you may add a frame to it when ordering!
Makes a fun gift for friends, family, and colleagues on birthday, christmas, holidays, or any regular day.

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