Best Top 8 Funny Cute Valentine's Day Cards

Funny, humorous, Valentine's Day cards

A handpicked, thoughtful collection of funny, cute, unique Valentine's Day cards, to show your love!
Profess your love in 8 unique ways, or Share this list with someone who needs to!

This Valentine's Day show your love, and your sense of humor!

In Brief - Happy Valentine's Day - Card

1. In Brief - Happy Valentine's Day

A hilarious valentine's day card, "in brief", featuring a handsome duck wearing boxers with hearts on it.

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Wuff You - Happy Valentine's Day Card

2. Wuff You - Happy Valentine's Day

A cute valentine's day card for dog/pet/animal lovers, featuring a cute dog with a stem of red rose :-)

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I Love You With All My Butt - Funny Card

3. I Love You With All My Butt

A funny, humorous card, to show your love, and how much you love :-)

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Be My Valentine God Damn It! - Funny Valentine's Day Card

4. Be My Valentine God Damn It!

I hope I'm going about this right (on the inside of the card)
A funny valentine's day card :-)

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I Mustache You To Be My Valentine - Funny Valentine's Day Card

5. I Mustache You To Be My Valentine

A funny valentine's day card, featuring a cute narwhal with a mustache and lots of love :-)

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How Big I Love You - Cute Valentine's Day Card

6. How Big I Love You

A cute, lovely, valentine's day card, featuring the earth, and how much you love that someone special in your life, with the objects drawn to scale :-)

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Love Ewe - Cute Valentine's Day Card

7. Love Ewe

A cute card, featuring an ewe and a heart, to convey your love :-)

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Do You Like Me? - Funny Valentine's Day Card

8. Do You Like Me?

A cute, funny valentine's day card, to send to someone you "like"! Reveal your feelings to a girlfriend or boyfriend :-)

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Go ahead, pop the question!

Its now or never! Its Valentine's Day!
I've personally selected the best cards for you - they are funny, and they are tasteful (apart from "Be My Valentine God Damn It", yep that one is handle with care category). Go ahead, ask, yep do it :-)

P.S. All of the above cards are customizable. You may add your message, text to the inside (and the outside) of the cards, at no extra charge. Yep, these cards will be printed, just for you!

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