Shaddap and Eat | Fine Dining Restaurant | Funny Cartoon Card

Shaddap and Eat | Fine Dining Restaurant | Funny Cartoon Card Add to Cart

"Shaddap and Eat!" | Fine Dinin' | Grade C- | Coney Island, NY

Humility soived Daily!!
An hilarious, funny, vintage, retro cartoon advertisement of an illustrious, awesome, fine dining restaurant, rated an impressive grade C-, being run at Coney Island NY. The eatery boasts as its motto "Humility soived Daily!!", and to prove the point, for anyone complaining about food - hygiene - decor - service, they have the ever so humble Barnyard Dawg telling everyone to "Shaddap and Eat!".
Featured on a customizable blank greeting card. You may add your own text to the inside of the card, at no extra cost.
Makes a fun mail to Barnyard Dawg fans, Looney Tunes and Looney Tunes Show fans, restaurant owners, chefs, kids, and cartoon lovers of all ages. A fun card for birthdays, or any regular day. And with party and venue details added on the inside, makes a fun invite for parties or get togethers.

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