Its Friendship, Its Possible | Wonderful Photo Poster

Its Friendship, Its Possible | Wonderful Photo Poster
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The paw of a gray wolf, the hand of a man

Its friendship, and yes its possible. A wonderful, close-up photo of a paw of a gray wolf, Canis lupus, placed on a hand of a man, wildlife photographer Jim Dutcher. A beautiful photograph depicting the possibilities, of what can be - peaceful, nurturing, caring, co-existence of man and animals, birds, nature.
A soulful National Geographic photograph by Jim And Jamie Dutcher, featured here on a custom photo poster. A wonderful photo poster for your living room, library, kids and grandkids room, office, man cave, den.
Great for room or home decor. Makes a great gift to children, friends, family, animal lovers, wildlife conservationists, animal rights activists, nature lovers, and naturalists.

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